With now over 30 years of operation, this classical Thai seafood restaurant was supposedly opened as a result of hungry American G.I.’s asking Uncle Sawai (‘Lung’ being the Thai word for uncle) where it would be possible to have a meal out. As there were no restaurants in the area at the time, the story goes that Uncle Sawai asked a local fisherman for some of his fresh catch and barbecued it for the hungry soldiers.

Whether the tale is historically accurate, Lungsawai Seafood serves up fresh seafood at reasonable prices in open air by Na Jomtien’s waterfront. A local haunt, the furnishing does look a bit shabby, but the food itself is prepared according to traditional Thai recipes of high quality as the crowds of Thai’s invading the restaurant in the weekend proves.

31/1 Mu 1, Na Jomtien, Chonburi 20250, Thailand.
+66 3823 1398